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Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Outstanding Graduate: Deanna Trethewey, School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Named Outstanding Student in the School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Outstanding Graduate: Deanna Trethewey, School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Deanna Trethewey

by Gabriela Romero

May 17, 2021

Deanna Trethewey’s theatre classes at San Diego State University illuminated her career pathway, while her work ethic brought her success upon graduation. From working with the costume and electrics shops through federal work-study, to learning to become an experienced theatre design technician, Trethewey says, she finds herself “overflowing in creativity and passion for the arts. It is this vigor that I will be carrying into the workforce.”

In the 2020-21 school year, Trethewey received the James C. “Chris” Nichols Memorial Scholarship, the Center for Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship, and the Denise Madruga Scholarship in Theatre.

Trehthewey notes that a large part of her journey was being a transfer student.

She says, “before I came to SDSU, I wanted to work in the theatre industry, but I did not fully understand what that could look like or how I could make a living. As I wrap up my last semester of education I hope to be a professional designer and work on projects with both small and large companies to see where I stand out best.

“While any entertainment career is on the table, I particularly love live entertainment … I could see myself working on big-name productions or events,” Trethewey notes.

Her hope for the graduating class is that everyone learns to live their personal truth. Trethewey adds, “I hope that people continue to educate themselves on what is going on in the world and fight for themselves, each other, and our planet.”

As for SDSU incoming freshmen, Trethewey hopes they take advantage of the resources offered to them. “From counseling to food pantries, workshops to Handshake, there are tools the school provides to students free of cost. Take advantage of the beautiful campus. The architecture and landscaping is gorgeous - take a visit to the turtle pond or the Mediterranean Gardens and you won’t be disappointed.”

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