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Classes You Didn't Know You Could Take: "Horror Cinema"

A Q&A with Chloe Mangold about PSFA 296

Classes You Didn't Know You Could Take:

SDSU offers class in Horror Cinema

by PSFA Stories Team

June 11, 2021

In this series, we’ve asked instructors to talk about their new, unusual, or little-known PSFA classes that you can take in Fall 2021.

Q&A with Chloe Mangold

PSFA-296 Horror Cinema

Face to Face, 3 Units, No Prerequisite

How I would describe this class to someone I met in line at the coffee cart:

You would say “We try to scare ourselves by watching movies and then talk about them after!”

Who should definitely take this class?

Anyone who is interested in invoking fear.

Who should not take this class?

Someone who hates watching movies.

Why I’m enthusiastic about teaching this class:

I enjoy the historical aspect of horror films, how techniques to invoke fear have evolved over time.

Why I love this subject:

It’s got a lot of different subgenres and subjects that can fall under horror. Everything from the realistic to the supernatural.

How I’m preparing for this class:

I’m reviewing movies and talking points to be sure we have great post-screening discussions.

Three things you’ll learn/do in this class:

You’ll learn how to invoke fear, write a script, and cut a short scary film.

Top four reasons you should study with me:

  • I’m an SDSU MFA graduate so I’ve been in your shoes (recently!)
  • I’ve edited an Emmy award-winning documentary
  • I have experience on productions of all sizes from Hollywood to San Diego.
  • You’ll learn how to actively evaluate movies while you watch them - you can impress your friends & family with your new knowledge

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