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Classes You Didn't Know You Could Take: Advanced Media Design

Q&A with Charles Murdock Lucas about THEA 551

Classes You Didn't Know You Could Take:  Advanced Media Design

by PSFA Stories Team

July 14, 2021

Charles Murdock Lucas

THEA 551 - Advanced Media Design

Units: 2

Prerequisites?: Yes, Theatre 550 or admission to the M.F.A. in design and technology, but I have waived the requirement for accomplished students.

Online or Face to Face: Face to Face

How I would describe this class to someone I met in line at the coffee cart:

In this class, students learn how to create animated and visual media to use in live performances like rock concerts, musicals, theatre, and opera.

Who should definitely take this class?

Anybody who wants to design video for Live Performances, Rock Concerts, Musicals, Theatre, or Opera. People who are generally interested in video.

Why I’m enthusiastic about teaching this class:

I love seeing students create exciting and interesting video work that they are proud of.

Why I love this subject:

I design video for theatre and opera as a professional designer, and the medium is a very powerful tool for visual storytelling.

Three things you’ll learn/do in this class:

Create amazing and astonishing video for live performances.

Build a digital interactive character.

Learn how to program cutting-edge media servers for bringing video into live performance.

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