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For the Love of Music:
Betty and Dale Worm Endowment

For the Love of Music:<br/>Betty and Dale Worm Endowment

December 8, 2016

Dale and Betty Worm were long-time supporters of the SDSU music program. They attended concerts, got to know students personally, and took great pleasure in their friendship with Sandy Konar, the student coordinator for the School of Music and Dance for more than 26 years.

The Worms have provided the School with a generous endowment from their estate that will continue to educate musicians and entertain the community.

“I knew them for over 30 years and had a very close friendship,” Konar said. “I took them to see many performances in the School of Music and Dance. They loved students and loved to help people. This was one way they were able to help and continue opera productions at SDSU.”

In addition to providing direct support for the opera program, the Worms’ endowment will help students in the School of Music and Dance by funding activities such as performance tours for ensembles, academic conferences for students, and student scholarships.

The Worms were both very involved with music as Dale played the piano and Betty sang. However, they found their greatest enjoyment in watching performances of the SDSU opera program and thoroughly enjoyed the work of former opera director, Kellie Evans-O’Connor.

Dale Worm was an SDSU alumnus who graduated in 1956 with a degree in Business. He went on to open several popular San Diego restaurants including the Roadside Barbecue in 1958 and Bekkers Restaurant & Catering.

“He graciously shared his abundance with other people, family members, church members and other organizations,” Konar said. “It is all from the hard work he had done and the love to make life better for others.”

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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