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Professional Studies and Fine Arts

17 PSFA Students Awarded Funding from the 2018/2019 Student Success Fee

The Student Success Fee helps enhance student success through expanded Academic Related Programs

17 PSFA Students Awarded Funding from the 2018/2019 Student Success Fee

By Angelena Lufrano

December 13, 2018

100 San Diego State University students were awarded funding from the Student Success Fee out of 228-total applications submitted. The 2018/2019 Student Success Fee winners were announced on Friday, Nov. 16 and seventeen students from the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts received funding, totaling more than $300,000 to support their Academic Related Programs.

In 2014, the mandatory Student Success Fee (SSF) was approved and put into effect that Fall. Ten percent of the fee is dedicated to enhancing student success through Academic Related Programs, while the rest supports increases to the number of tenure-track faculty lines and course sections.

Academic Related Programs extend the formal learning experience and provide students an opportunity to become more involved and engaged outside of what is available in their academic courses. They involve a faculty, staff, or campus administrator to support each student throughout the project. Overall, the Academic Related Programs are meant to enrich students’ educational experience at SDSU.

Through a very competitive application process, proposals that have high impact potential, significant student involvement, or both, are ultimately awarded funding.

This year’s awarded proposals include:

  • SDSU Music Composer in Residence - Ben Scharf (Music)
  • School of Music and Dance: Alexander Technique Workshops by Eileen Troberman - Arjay Adamos (Music)
  • The DACA Interview Project - Mario Vega (Theatre Arts)
  • An Afrocentric Communication Theory: Dr. Molefi Keté Asante - Lorise Diamond (Communication)
  • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2019 Annual Conference, “A Call for Action: Advancing Public Service” - Juliana Huaroc (Public Administration)
  • Jake Heggie Music Collaborative - Liora Naor (Music)
  • SDSU Forensics: Educational Development through Competitive Speech and Debate - Kara Sutton (Communication)
  • The SDSU Lyric Opera Theatre: Skills Acquisition Workshop - Joshua Read (Music)
  • SDSU Jewelry and Metalwork Program International Exhibition and Online Travelogue -Rachel Ness (Art, MFA)
  • RTSA will be attending the CPRS Conference with a group of 40 students in order to gain knowledge in the field and network with professionals - Regina Choy (Recreation Administration)
  • Women’s History Month #Herstory: Women, Music, Diversity, and Leadership Conference - Camille Andersen (Music)
  • PSFA College Council presents SDSU Success Stories: An Evening with a PSFA Alum - Matthew Tornero (Theatre Arts)
  • National Society of Minorities in Hospitality National Conference - Brandon Hess (Hospitality and Tourism Management)
  • SDSU Symphony Orchestra and Wind Symphony Concert Tour with FREE Clinics, Workshops, Concerts, and San Francisco Symphony Rehearsal/Performance - Jesus Cervantes (Music)
  • SDSU Connection: Great Wall String Quartet and CELLO Friends - Veronika Alter (Music)
  • Campanile Music Festival - Nicole Shue (Music)
  • SDSU PSFA Society of Communication and Leadership - Bonnie Deal (Communication)

Awarded projects must be completed and final reports submitted by May 15, 2019. To learn more about the Student Success Fee, visit

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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